Wednesday, July 30, 2008

getting better

Just submitted all of the various forms and fees for the P2 Visa application (yes, 120 days in advance) for the Ecumenical Stewardship Council event in Florida in December. Quite a process (as long-time readers might remember from the last time I went through it)... but it seems I'm actually getter better at it... it took all of 10 minutes, this time, for Lidia (the Musicians Union Artist Immigration person) to look it over, pronounce it fine, and declare that it'll soon be sent off for the various US authorities (Department of Homeland Security) to do their thing...

In fact, that went so well, I may now have the nerve to give it another go in time for a bit of a US tour in the winter or spring... although I know I shouldn't be counting my chickens before their visa applications are approved... (that's a mangled metaphor and a pathetic attempt at humour, by the way... not an indication that the US Department of Agriculture also needs to get involved with this...)



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