Tuesday, June 10, 2008

barnyard update

This morning I spent some time chasing a chicken in a vain attempt to get it back into the enclosure where it's supposed to be... maybe I'm getting older and slower than I thought...

And apparently we've now lost 5 lambs to the coyotes at night... I didn't even realize it was happening... it seems Jenny the bodyguard donkey is getting older too...

In case you're confused (and I don't blame you), I'm not a "real" farmer - I just do an hour of barn chores each day (and if any real problems present themselves I call up Brian, the "real farmer," who comes and solves the problem). That daily hour (which I rather enjoy) is my only "employment" besides music.

Oh, and the Alberta mini-tour was great. Upon my arrival I had four performances within 25 hours between Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton (pretty substantial distances, considering the lack of sleep and the presence of photo-radar). It was great to connect again with some friends and family that I hadn't seen in a long time. Lots of good response to the music. Lots of interesting and thoughtful reflection with the Alberta pastors at the Theological Studies event (see previous post).

And I met some amazing new musical friends - the Friesen Family Band (opened for my concert in Edmonton - ASTONISHING what they do!) and Tim Chesterton (an "anabaptist anglican" priest with a fabulous voice and gorgeous guitar and encyclopedic knowledge of traditional folk tunes from the British isles).

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