Friday, May 16, 2008

Psalm 104

I asked Lynette Schroeder Wiebe to create art based on Psalm 104, and this is the spectacular piece she came up with.

It graces the back cover of the new CD and songbook... and is available as a free download and for purchase in poster form as well.

There's an amazing story that goes with it too... one that is still unfolding... maybe I'll tell it sometime... although perhaps it's not really mine to tell.

In the meantime, a weekend is definitely not too long to spend looking at this piece.

Instructions from "user's guide" (not necessarily in chronological order):

1) Read Psalm 104

2) look at this artwork

3) Repeat

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At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Elsie Rempel said...

I find your idea about "composting members" quite amusing and interesting. This weekend at our country cottage, where we also garden organically, we were planning a prayer walk on our property and considered including the compost bin as the Compost Confession Corner, because God can take our scraps, laments, hard times and failures and turn them into something good, like compost. But I think you may have to compost your latest name for donors. Shalom, Elsie


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