Friday, May 30, 2008

alberta bound

Getting set to leave tomorrow morning for five days in Alberta. Looking forward to an interesting time - a couple of church/community concerts, a couple of Sunday morning services, a school concert, and for a couple of days I'll be the resource person for an Alberta pastors "Theological Studies" event.

Needless to say, today is crammed full of trying-to-get-stuff-done-before-I-leave... and today Matthew is home sick from school. Flu bug that's going around his class. And another good reminder to hold to things (including my many self-imposed goals and deadlines) lightly... other things (people!) are more important...

Anyway, before I go I thought I'd post the info of what I'm planning for that pastor's event...


Our Money Talks, God is Listening: reflections and resources for addressing economic stewardship themes in the congregation


Can we talk about money matters in our congregations, and in our worship? Bryan Moyer Suderman will lead us in biblical exploration of themes like abundance and scarcity, generosity and gratitude, excess and enough, and managing resources as "the body of Christ." Drawing on various resources in scripture, story, and song - including the experiences of the participants and Bryan's recently released CD and songbook "My Money Talks: songs for worship" - we will explore ways to lead our congregations into a deeper awareness of and participation in God's generosity for the world.

Session Titles:

Session 1 - God's Economics: Can We Talk? (setting the table for real conversation about money and faith)

Session 2 - God's Economics: Can God Be Trusted? (abundance and scarcity, hoarding and generosity)

Session 3 - God's Economics: Can God Trust Us? (from grasping to gratitude, from excess to enough)

Session 4 - God's Economics: A Dramatization (communion as an enactment of the economics of "the body of Christ")

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