Thursday, July 24, 2008

a growing circle

It's really neat to see, after 5 years of developing this "alternative economic model for the arts" and two years of my "CSM" (Community Supported Music initiative) being "up and running," that the "membership" circle continues to grow.

In fact, there's also a growing circle of folks that are excited enough about this approach that articles are beginning to appear in the press and on the web. (I'll try to remember to post more links as other articles appear.) It's not just me articulating this vision anymore... and it's especially cool when I get to learn more about this approach and how it functions by reading somebody else who reflects on it and recommends it... as in this blog post that I found this morning (by an anonymous writer that I THINK I recognize... but I'm not sure...)

And not only that - it's exciting to see still others picking up on these ideas and developing their own "community supported music" and "community supported art" initiatives. Have a look at the new "Community Supported Arts" website, and you can link to various folks in what looks to be an emerging network of artists of various kinds seeking to pursue our vocations - and connect/partner with our communities - in an "alternative" kind of way that can be, we hope, viable and sustainable (personally, relationally, ecologically, spiritually, artistically, economically) over the long term.

Looking forward to seeing how this all continues to unfold...

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