Thursday, December 11, 2008

news flash: artists doing creative economic thinking

Just came across this - some folks in New York City working at "economic revitalization for performing artists" - including a variety of creative ways of seeking "alternative business models for the arts"...

And here's someone who "proposes a way to adapt the business plan followed by most Community Supported Agricultures (CSA). Like the CSA model, Stolen Chair hopes to build a membership community which would provide ‘seed’ money for the company’s development process and then reap a year’s worth of theatrical harvests."

Sound familiar?

As my "Community Supported Music" initiative heads into its third year of operation, it's neat to see how various people in various places are picking up on the idea, and/or developing similar initiatives independently of each other... At what point does this start to look like a "movement"...? (GRIN)

I've also been glad to see a number of new "memberships" coming in over the last couple of weeks... with a few more messages saying there are others on the way...

The circle is growing! Small-scale and humble for sure... but hey, in the midst of so much turmoil, isn't that a bit of good economic news...?



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