Saturday, November 01, 2008

a collection of kindnesses

Eugene, who got up way early and spent the better part of the day driving me to and from W-K where I was leading worship... and carrying all my stuff, since I was still on crutches.

Julie and Matthew, who took me to the train and bundled me on board with a squeeze and a smile and a coffee.

Darrell, who waited until 3:00 am to pick me up at the station in Saskatoon.

Eric and Velma in Prince Albert, who pampered me like crazy, accelerating the healing process by at least a week, I’m sure.

Stu in Drake who ran the sound since he happened to be there, and the one who was going to do it was helping a neighbour with the combining.

Eric at the Equipping conference, who gave me a big hug and said with tears in his eyes: “the Spirit is upon you, brother... keep on going...”

Shelley and Darrell in Saskatoon, whose house and family quickly became my “home away from home.”

Val and Darrell and “the band,” whose energy and love of the music was great to “feed” off of (and our joint blues-funk rendition of “Over My Head” was a great way to end the MCC “Food For All” benefit concert).

Joan in Rosthern, whose passion for market gardening and running the Station Arts Tea Room reenergized me at a low point.

Ryan’s grade 11 Christian Ethics class at RJC, who really engaged the debate about downloading and “stealing.”

Leo and Donna, who delighted in sitting and chatting all evening as if there was nothing they’d rather do.

Mel, who saw me on the church steps and pulled over to unlock the door and let me in.

Congregations who burst into song at the first notes of one that they’ve obviously been using: “Take Good Care” in Prince Albert, “To Be Content” in Drake, “Prayer of Agur” at Mount Royal, “Enough For All” in Eigenheim.

Jerry, who gave me a ride to Superb in his diesel VW bug (someday to be running on used vegetable oil).

Jayden, age 7(?), who shyly but proudly told me he plays the guitar and writes a few songs.

Lois, who beamed throughout the whole concert and offered some sandwiches for the train and offered to put the extra CDs in the mail so I could fit everything else back in my bag.

Dan, who drove me to Unity, and spoke of his experience “going organic” with his farm in western Saskatchewan, and who bought me a travel mug to replace the one I forgot in Jerry’s car.

The bartender (I didn’t learn her name) who offered me any non-alcoholic drinks I wanted “on the house” while I waited in her establishment - the only place open in Unity - for the train which was, at that point, 3 hours late.

The Via rail attendant who kindly didn’t argue with a certain frigid passenger at 2:30 am who’d been waiting outside on the platform for two-and-a-half hours (after the bar closed) for the train, and who dropped into the facing-seats that would normally be reserved for a family group.

Richard from Bo-a-ston who advised over lunch that when I’m there in March I should be sure to take “the red line” to the Hah-vard station, since I’d meet “lots of other strange people there, ah-tists and musicians, and you’d have a mah-velous time...”

I’m writing this in the dome car as we roll through the trees north of Superior - by the time I get the chance to post it I’ll be home - and I realize what an astonishing collection of kindnesses this journey has been. Thank you, all.



At 9:22 PM, Blogger Colleen Taylor said...

Drake?!? You were in Drake?!? I wish I had known about you sooner and I wish I could have tried to see your concert. I'm delighted with your CSM concept and am thinking of trying it myself. Recently downloaded Seth Godin's audio book, Tribes. You're definitely leading a tribe ... a tribe of worshipers.

Next time you're in Saskatchewan, I hope to catch you. In the meantime, I need to buy a membership!


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