Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so long, saskatchewan

After tonight's Superb performance (that is, in Superb, Saskatchewan... let's hope the performance lives up to the name) I'll get on the train in Unity (I'm not making this up) for the journey back to Toronto and then Stouffville.

It's been a delightful week. My own personal tally of performances so far would be 3 great ones, 2 good ones, 1 so-so and 1 clunker (the "clunker" was also warmly and appreciatively received, but I was a little frustrated by the sound system). The joint concert with Val and Darrell was a real highlight, and we raised over $5000 for MCC's "Food For All" programs to boot!

It's been great to connect with a lot of people, many of whom went to some lengths to tell a story or describe my height when I last lived in these parts (we left when I was 11... you can do the math). In Rosthern yesterday I went for a walk (yes, the first one since I sprained my ankle) around the block, and not one but two pick-up trucks stopped in the middle of the street, rolled down a window, and a head emerged saying "... Bryan?" Lots of fun to see some folks I hadn't seen in many a year... and new friends and co-conspirators too...

The ankle is iced for the last time... the bags are packed... time to head out for a Superb evening, and a couple more days on the train... we'll see if I get back in time to see Matthew in his mariachi Halloween costume...



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