Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the race is on

No, I'm not referring to the election campaigns north or south of the border.

My guitar - built by Phil Campbell-Enns of Steinbach, Manitoba - has been with its maker since July, when I left it there for Phil to install a new pickup that he claims sounds "HUGE"...

It's been a while finding its way back into my loving arms... here's Phil's delightful description of the wanderings of the part, complete with a mysterious detour through Texas:

"... so i got a hold of a 'ups' tracking number and found out that your pickup got shipped 5 days later than was promised by seymour duncan, then left goleta, california, then went to los angeles, then was incorrectly routed (says the tracking info) to conroe, texas. then it went to houston, texas, then to mequite, texas, and finally to dallas before leaving the lone star state. then it went on to kansas city, eagan, minnesota, and minneapolis, minnesota before making it's way to winnipeg, where it now lies in wait for the final trek to steinbach on monday."

And today Phil reports that the pickup has arrived, he has installed it, and the guitar has now begun its return journey to me, passing through the hands of various co-conspirators who are relaying it by car and plane... ETA in Toronto on Friday... just in time for my Saturday gig and a full fall performance schedule...

The race is on! Will the guitar arrive in time? in one piece? Will Bryan be able to cope with his new-found ability to just "plug in" with an instrument that, in the words of its builder, "... your guitar now roars!! plugging it in might make you feel like you're driving a serious hot rod - lots of jam under the hood."


Yes, I know. This is what passes for excitement in my life. Humour me, ok?

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