Thursday, October 09, 2008

more than I can chew?

... and, it's no secret, I can chew quite a bit...

Just about finished sending out the second annual surge of "renewal notices" marking the second anniversary of my "membership" (or "Community Supported Music") system. The fact that it is in some ways a hum-drum administrative task is tempered significantly by the fact that it's so much fun to be in touch with all these folks who for some reason seem to care what I do... I am grateful...

While I'm excited about the chance this year to "raise the ceiling" of what I'm able to take on (in terms of performances and projects and so on), I've been so swamped for the past two weeks that I'm beginning to wonder if I've bitten off more than... ok, you get the picture...

So the fact that I've posted so little lately has - I assure you - nothing to do with a decrease in the regular bursts of brilliantly bloggable ideas... it's just that when the bursts come they've been finding me... how shall I say this... I'll settle for too-tired-to-think-straight. Not that that's ever been a pre-condition for blogging, but it does help if you can keep your face off the keyboard.

And today Matthew and I set a new world record for daddy-waking-up-late-and-getting-father-and-son-fed-and-to-the-bus-stop-just-in-time. Eleven minutes flat.

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