Thursday, March 05, 2009

singing with the brothers of Weston Priory

The evening before I left Vermont we worshipped at the Weston Priory and then had supper with the brothers there - a silent meal, with one of the brothers reading out loud from a recent book of biblical/theological scholarship (I'm afraid I can't remember the title) - and then, when the prior rang the bell, a burst of robust conversation.

After the dishes are done the brothers have an hour of recreation before evening prayers, and we all gathered in a room (which was the original farm house when the Priory was founded in 1953) to talk and sing together. The Weston Priory is known for many things, including their music - the music they use in their liturgies has grown out of and been written by members of their community over the years, and is available to order or download.

What an honour and a delight to meet them and worship with them and sing with them (they were eager to hear as many of my songs as we could squeeze into the time we had). One body with many members indeed!

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