Wednesday, February 25, 2009

journey within a journey within a journey

Tonight I participated in the Ash Wednesday service at Union Congregational Church here in East Walpole, Massachusetts. Starting a new journey - the journey of Lent - in the midst of this journey of rails and songs... which is, of course, only a small part of a journey that's so much longer and larger, and that is itself contained and participating in another that is so much greater still...

And again I find myself overwhelmed by the generous gift - and gifts - of so many companions on this (these) journey(s)... Dan and Terri and Ruth in Minneapolis, and now Abby and Jon Paul and Josiah and Isaac who have opened their homes to me and made me feel so cared for and part of the family... Eugene back home who took the time tonight for a special evening of sports-watching with Matthew whose Dad is too far away...

I may be riding on a single-passenger ticket, but I'm far from traveling alone. A good thing to remember at the beginning of Lent.



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