Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, the only thing that stunk (stank?) worse than my shooting percentage last night (we lost our Men's League basketball game by one point... and guess who missed two foul shots in the last minute...ouch...) was the skunk that seems to have taken up residence somewhere under our house.

This is the second time in the last few weeks that this particular creature (or are there more, and they take it in shifts?) has blessed us with its fragrant offerings. Perhaps it read my last inspirational post, and is just "singing its song" in its own stinky way...

Apparently former residents called the Fire Department one time, thinking it was an electrical-fire-in-the-making kind of smell... last night I wondered if it was a particularly acrid physical manifestation of my shooting percentage... and my wife (sensible as always) suspected some kind of lethal gas leak (should we leave the house?)... before a wise neighbour helped us settle on "skunk" as the culprit.

It's times like these when our virtuous habit of hanging our wet laundry on a rack rather than using a dryer seems not so virtuous... is it "loving my neighbour" more to reduce our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by air-drying our laundry, or to carry "essence of skunk" with me to the check-out line at the grocery store...?

Any wisdom from the Musing Masses on how to deal with such strident scent scenarios would be much appreciated...

I'm delighted, by the way, that our friends at Old Man Farm are posting again... We spent a week WWOOFing there last summer (if you don't know what WWOOFing is, it's time you found out...)



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