Saturday, December 02, 2006

political analysis from our 9 year old

While listening to CBC radio over lunch today…

“Is that a hockey game?”


“A basketball game?”


“Then what is it?”

“It’s the leadership convention for the Liberal Party of Canada. They’re choosing a new leader.”

“Didn’t they already get elected or whatever?”

“Well, the Liberal Party lost in the last election. Remember Paul Martin? He decided he didn’t want to be the leader anymore, so now they’re choosing another one.”

“Oh… So who’s playing?”

“Who are the candidates? Well, there’s Michael Ignatieff, Gerard Kennedy, Bob Rae, Stephane Dion… who do you think they should choose?”

“Bob Rae.”

“How come?”


“He has the only name I can remember.”

UPDATE: a few hours later…

Stephane Dion giving his victory speech, impressing both the 9 year old and his dad by declaring “a sustainable environment” and “development of a sustainable economy” to be his first priorities… and then…

The speech cut off abruptly, and on comes… Hockey Night In Canada…

Stunned looks from the 9 year old and his dad… when was the last time they both would have rather heard a political speech than watch the hockey game…?

In short order, different responses:

“I bet we can still catch the rest on the radio…”

“Yeah… but can’t we watch the hockey game…?”



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