Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's good to get back into a rhythm of more songwriting again. I'm needing that.

Yesterday I noticed a new pattern that seems to be emerging. Not quite sure what's going on.

On my first CD there were quite a few "story songs" - songs that told a story (or a couple of stories around a theme) in the third person... The next album, for whatever reason, includes a bunch of songs written in the first person and addressed directly to "you" (as listener/audience/fellow singer... addressing the "second person").

And yesterday, for the second time in the last little while, a song I'd begun in the 3rd person moved quickly into the first person from the perspective of somebody else... Yesterday, believe it or not, it was based on Numbers chapter 20 from the perspective of Moses... with the sense of immediacy of Moses' words (and actions) speaking to (and in some ways representing) our fears and lack of trust and search for "security" today...

A while back something similar happened with a song that began addressing God in the first person plural, and ended up being written entirely as a response in the first person singular from the perspective of - gulp - God...

Oh my.

Now these songs are - in all likelihood - still rather far from being "finished," so who knows how they'll end up... but I wonder what's going on here... this isn't a technique or a direction that I've consciously chosen to pursue... but, for whatever reason, it's where my writing seems to have been going lately.




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