Friday, December 08, 2006


The other day I opened a book and out popped a scrap of paper with the chorus of a song scribbled on it. I have no idea when I wrote it, and had forgotten all about it - what a delight to find it again, and even more, to discover that it's not bad. It's got potential, at least.

I'm forever jotting things down on bits of paper. A while back, in an administrative burst of organizational fervor, I went so far as to find a binder into which I stuffed as many of the bits of paper that I could find... along with a couple of file folders stuffed with further bits (evidence of previous organizational outbursts).

I love to start songs. I hate to "finish" them.

Starting a new song is energizing and fun. Revising and polishing and re-writing and scrapping and starting over... that's hard work.

My brother recently submitted his doctoral thesis. Having once entertained thoughts of more academic pursuits, I now find myself amazed at the dogged single-mindedness required to get to where he is.

Then I think: I'm single-minded too. I'm just single-minded about an awful lot of different things...

Now where did I leave that piece of paper... the one with the phone number on it...



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