Friday, September 18, 2009

safe and sound in winnipeg-land

Although I boarded the train Tuesday night, this trip began on Sunday with a Sunday School concert with the good folks at Heise Hill and then back to Stouffville in time for my home church to "commission" me. They sent me out by singing the words of my own "Sending Song" back to me...

"As you go out from here, may the Lord go with you
The face of God shine on you every day
We are sent by God wherever we are living
Salt and light as people of the Way."

A wonderful way to start the trip.

The GO bus was late enough to make me nervous I'd miss the train, so J and M drove me in to Union Station in Toronto. The train ride from TO to Winnipeg was the smoothest and most on-time that I've ever seen on that route... met some interesting traveling companions, like Mauricio from Venezuela, Andrew from London, England, and a composer - why do I keep finding composers on the trains? - from Holland.

Today I've been enjoying my parents' company, and Mom's bean soup and vereniki with Winkler farmer sausage, and a walk to Sargent Sundaes for ice cream.

New strings on the guitar... tomorrow it's singing time!



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