Friday, January 18, 2008

good trip, good to be back

Our three weeks in China were great - what a treat to celebrate Jeremy and WuYan's wedding with her home community in Wuding (Yunnan province, southwestern China, Himalayan foothills). Over the next while I expect I'll be sprinkling some "travel journal" blog posts (with some pictures gratuitously thrown in) among the other SmallTall Musings that I'm eager to share.

It has also felt like another confirmation of this musical vocation that by the end of the trip I found myself eager to get back home and get "back to work." While I've been slowed down by a nasty head cold/sinus infection since we got home, by today I'm almost back "up to speed" and ready to go. Julie's still a bit jet-lagged, but feeling better, and Matthew has bounced right back faster than any of us.

2008, here we come!



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