Wednesday, June 20, 2007

top 10 signs that summer is here

10. Fresh strawberries.

9. Garden growing like mad (this year the radishes are waging a war of attrition against the carrots, while the cucumber plants are busily infiltrating the peas... no, wait... these are companion plants that are living harmoniously in a symbiotic relationship and providing vital ecological functions for each other, free of charge...)

8. Permission requests coming in from summer camps wanting to use songs.

7. Smog and UV warnings.

6. Irrational but persistent optimism that the Blue Jays might make the post-season this year.

5. Fresh strawberries.

4. Wireless internet connection all wonky (apparently now that there are leaves on the trees they block the signal... or the smoggy, humid air gets so thick that the signal can't get through... or something...)

3. Booked what has become my annual August concert at Glenbrook Day Camp.

2. Julie's last day of school, overseeing the annual home-made-boat-races-in-the-creek, and then organizing and sampling (and hiding?) her stockpile of chocolate and exotic teas (teacher gifts).

1. Can't sit still.

Did I mention fresh strawberries...?



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