Friday, May 18, 2007

the zone

Recording for the new CD is underway, and I (and my family) can tell I'm getting "into the zone"... fun, intense, exciting, kinda scary, all at the same time...

This weekend people all over are participating in days of prayer and action for Colombia. Our congregation started last week with a very moving visit from Tim and Rebecca... for me a highlight was the ritual of coming to the front, taking a grape (representing the sweetness and goodness of God's intentions for all people), dipping it in salt water (representiing the sweat and tears of those working for peace in Colombia), and eating it while singing "Don't Be Afraid, My Love is Stronger..."

By the way, a couple of wild-and-crazy folks from our church (guess who!) have launched a new, exciting, innovative... ok, it's just a new "church blog"... but I still think it's pretty cool. Have a look.



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