Saturday, March 06, 2010

19 out of 20 and the spring tour begins

Last night I sent off the last of the preliminary mixes for the next Gather Round Sunday School curriculum CD (well, the 19th out of 20 songs... the 20th will have wait just a bit longer). While it's been intense and far too compressed a time line for my liking (thank you, finger injury), I've been enjoying putting these songs together and finding new ways to do some old (and new) favourites. I'm beginning to feel like I know my way around editing in Cubase by now... and laying down what might pass as reasonably funky bass lines was an uncommon and unexpected delight (I don't get to play bass very often).

And it's always a blast - especially since I typically perform solo these days - to collaborate with others in the recording process. I had met but never worked with Tom Cummings before (we recorded drums for three songs in a day at John's studio - now that's takin' care of business!), and it's also fun to get different family groups in to sing. Thanks everyone for helping out!

Now I'm off in a few minutes for the first leg of my spring tour - a one-week circle around Lake Eerie, with a few days in Leamington, a few in Indiana, and a Sunday morning in State College Pennsylvania. Looking forward to it.


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