Tuesday, June 02, 2009

upcoming stuff

I'm involved in some upcoming events that you might want to participate in (you're warmly invited!) if you're in the area:

- this Thursday (June 4) - the Sound in the Lands conference begins, and guess who they have listed as presenting the first workshop...? (Hint: it's on "Community Supported Music: An Alternative Business Model for the Arts")
- also Thursday - Mennofolk (I'll not be performing, but lots of great folks from far and wide will be)
- Friday evening - I'll be doing a concert at Alma United Church in Elora
- Saturday evening - I'll be accompanying Amos Lopez (who arrives from Cuba this afternoon) as part of the "World Music Collaborative Concert" at the Sound in the Lands conference
- Friday, June 19th, I'll be leading worship in the morning at the North America Stewardship Conference in Toronto (here are the presenters at that conference), and doing a concert there in the evening.

In the midst of all that I need to get my May "delivery of songs" out to the members of SmallTall Music (yes, it'll be a few days late this time)... and do a bunch more sessions with different musicians to finish recording the new studio album so that it can be in the mixing stage by the time I leave in July to be part of the songleading team at the Mennonite World Conference Assembly... for which I still need to get a visa (a little something I overlooked)...


It feels kind of daunting at the moment... but at the same time, I'm also very grateful... it's what I love to do... and it's wonderful to have so many vivid experiences of being part of a global "body" together...



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