Monday, February 19, 2007


Do you ever feel that your brain is buzzing with ideas, so many of them chasing each other around that one moment you feel incredibly lucid and the next you can hardly think straight?

That you are so grateful for the people in your life that your soul is full to bursting?

That there is so much struggle and pain that your heart is almost breaking?

I do. A lot. And, for the past while, usually all at once. I wonder if it’s becoming a chronic condition.

Even blogging, with its promise and possibility of quick response and reflection on the events and ideas of the day (or, in my case, the week), cannot possibly keep pace. I hope, when things slow down just a bit, to write more about some of the people and experiences and ideas of the past little while… for now I’ll just list some of the co-conspirators with whom I’ve been engaged this past week…:

Andrea and her band led our community in an inspiring evening of song, exploring the new “Sing The Journey” songbook… hard to believe it’s been two years since we first met, as we were getting set to introduce “Sing The Journey” and lead the singing at the Charlotte convention…

Mike and Sherri and Darren at MFC, as we talked and debated and strategized about the new CD of songs on economic stewardship themes (now moving from writing to recording phase) and upcoming “sneak peak” concert…

Brent and Val, and their adventures as a family with their working and living in communications and small-scale organic farming… kindred spirits in envisioning and seeking to live into an economic/ecological “alternative,” passionate participants in Community Supported Agriculture and creative partners in my emerging Community Supported Music initiative…

Jared, whom I hadn’t seen since we spent 3 weeks together last summer in Bogota with other young adults from across Canada and Colombia, exploring and reflecting and confronting and dreaming and struggling with economic realities, and violence, and the church, and our own role(s) and vocation(s)…

Raffi, who I had the privilege of meeting on Thursday night (quite a thrill for me, as you can imagine), who is also a co-conspirator working (writing! singing! dancing!) for change and a sustainable future…

And this is just a start. What a glorious thing to be co-conspirators in the cause! Take heart, my friends! You're not alone!



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