Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SOCAN and radio

Radio play has never been (and still isn't) a significant part of my strategy or "business plan" for my SmallTall Music ministry. While it's fun and kind of validating when somebody in radio-land picks up on your stuff, I haven't been counting on it and tend to consider it as a nice little surprise when it happens. As you already know if you've been reading this blog for a while or have explored my various archived musings, I've been focusing my energies on (and having a lot of fun with) other "alternative business models"... Have a look at the posts in the "Community Supported Music" label, if you'd like...

That said, for the new CD and tour that's coming soon (VERY soon), I am partnering with some radio folks in some interesting ways. Golden West Broadcasting contributed toward the recording project and tour support for my upcoming Western Canada tour, and I know they'll be playing some of my stuff on some of their stations across the prairies.

And WhiStle Radio here in Stouffville is partnering with me to put on a home-town CD release concert on December 4th in the new "19 On The Park" theatre venue in town... looking forward to that too.

So I thought, hey, now that I'm about to release my 4th studio album, maybe it's time to finally register with SOCAN. So I did. Kind of a neat feeling, actually, to now be a member of the "Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada," and to have a "catalogue" of 54 of my songs "registered" with them.


Monday, August 17, 2009


Here's the most thoughtful reflection on our music-making work in Paraguay that I've seen online so far...

And here are some pics from the MWC photographers... and here are some from my roomie and fellow mutli-instrumentalist/percussionist Carlos...

Maybe I'll post a few of my own sometime when I get around to it...


Friday, August 14, 2009

it's off!

The new CD is done! Took the master in yesterday, signed off on the design, and away it goes to be pressed, printed, poked, prodded... The initial run of 1000 copies should be in my hands by the end of the month...