Monday, May 28, 2007

an interesting conversation...

... on CBC radio yesterday about whether "the Mennonites" are being naive by engaging in dialogue with scholars from the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute in Iran. Have a listen.

A good and important discussion, it seems to me. One wonders... could the same questions be asked of other Christian leaders engaging in dialogue with the "spiritual advisers" - or serving as "spiritual advisers" - of other administrations we could name with a history of war-making and human rights abuses and seeking "legitimacy" on the world stage?

Just asking.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

how do you know?

Just started the 100 Mile Diet (reading the book, that is, not actually trying to eat only local foods for a year)... loving it so far, but it made me hungry and I kept scrounging in the kitchen for snacks... few if any of which were local. It didn't occur to me until later that we still have one jar of last fall's apple sauce, from "our" apple trees (the ones we scrounge from).

By the way, since tomorrow is Pentecost, I couldn't help but notice that in Acts 2 the CLIMACTIC MANIFESTATION of the coming of the Spirit is...

Any guesses?

(This will be no problem, I'm sure, for longtime readers of this blog - all three of you! - but if you need a hint, trying read Acts chapter 2 ALL THE WAY TO THE END.)

In any case, that's what I'll be speaking and singing about tomorrow, as we celebrate Pentecost together and - surprise, surprise - experiment with some more of the new songs, including a 4 part hymn arrangement and piano accompaniment that Charlene has done for one of them, and Matthew rockin' and rollin' with his drumkit on another.

Looking forward to it!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

the zone

Recording for the new CD is underway, and I (and my family) can tell I'm getting "into the zone"... fun, intense, exciting, kinda scary, all at the same time...

This weekend people all over are participating in days of prayer and action for Colombia. Our congregation started last week with a very moving visit from Tim and Rebecca... for me a highlight was the ritual of coming to the front, taking a grape (representing the sweetness and goodness of God's intentions for all people), dipping it in salt water (representiing the sweat and tears of those working for peace in Colombia), and eating it while singing "Don't Be Afraid, My Love is Stronger..."

By the way, a couple of wild-and-crazy folks from our church (guess who!) have launched a new, exciting, innovative... ok, it's just a new "church blog"... but I still think it's pretty cool. Have a look.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

adapting to new technology

As I work on the next delivery of songs for the members of SmallTall Music (a process that is, by and large, a joy and a delight), I've been struggling with the mp3 encoder in my recording software (a process that, by and large, isn't...)

So I couldn't resist pointing you towards this YouTube clip that had me laughing so hard I practically fell off my chair...

Anybody else feel this way?


Friday, May 04, 2007

many happy returns...?

Last week we used the last frozen tomato from the garden... an improvement over last year, when we made it to early March with our own canned/frozen tomatoes... still aiming to see if we can make it all the way to the next year's harvest... small seeds, minor victories...

We spent a good part of the afternoon turning up sod to expand the garden space which we'll be sharing between two families this year... sure makes the work more fun when you're not alone!

And having filed our tax returns this week, I was very glad to see this...


Thursday, May 03, 2007

here's hoping

Some sobering (but oh so true) words for someone about to embark on a new round of recording (or any artistic endeavor, I suppose)...

"People never learn that there is 1000 miles of desert between a good cause and a good play. Few can cross it alive." (James Thurber)