Friday, July 31, 2009

there and back again

Yep. I was in Paraguay, part of the music team leading singing at the Mennonite World Conference Assembly there. A great experience, and met and made many dear friends from all around the world.

And now J+M are back from their major trip as well, and we're settling into the rented townhouse that is our new home in Stouffville.

And I'm a few days away from finalizing the mixes and the graphic design for the new CD.

So, yeah, it's been busy. And good.


Friday, July 03, 2009

the shiver test

The "shiver test" has become a very reliable way for me to evaluate a song that I've recorded. When we get it right, and I am really moved by a song (mine or someone else's), I literally get shivers up and down my back.

Today we finished preliminary mixes of all the songs for the new CD. "Shiver test" results? EVERY SINGLE SONG, at one point or another.

And listening yet again in the car on the way home I found myself weeping. Sleep deprivation (from too long spent in the manic stage of the recording/mixing process, not sleeping at night because of loops of songs playing endlessly in my head)...? Inexpressible relief (that it seems like this record is actually going to get finished and be good)...? Overwhelming gratitude (for the amazingly gifted people that have made these songs sound way better than they have any business sounding)...? Moved and comforted and challenged and encouraged by the songs themselves...?

All of the above, I think.

By the way, I'll be on summer blogging schedule from here on in... less frequent and more sporadic than my once-per-week non-summer pattern... wishing you a wonderful summer... come on back for a visit now and then...